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  1. Feb 01,  · Do moles have eyes? Moles do have eyes but are really small and often covered with fur and sometimes even skin. This is so because they rarely use their eyes underground. and the most active body organ is their nose.
  2. Oct 26,  · If you have a mole in the iris or beneath the retina, it is a medical condition that should be followed by an ophthalmologist. Sometimes, this should be photographed, evaluated by ultrasound examination, or other testing mechanisms.
  3. Sep 06,  · They’re more like the freckles on your skin than moles -- they re only on the surface of your eye and don’t affect its shape. About half of all people have iris freckles.
  4. Sep 25,  · Natural Remedies To Remove Moles Under Eyes Apple cider vinegar is time tested home remedy to remove mole. Put few drops of apple cider vinegar on cotton ball and Banana peel is effective in removing mole without causing any major skin scarring under the eye. Cut small portion of Prepare a.
  5. Jul 14,  · Melanoma usually shows up on the skin, but it also can happen in your eyes. When it does, doctors call it ocular melanoma. Some ocular cancers form on the surface of the eye and the eyelid. Those.
  6. Jul 26,  · If you suspect your mole may be infected and it hasn’t improved within two days, it’s always a good idea to see a doctor. They can determine the right course of treatment .
  7. Nov 28,  · Right around when I turned 28, I started to notice what I thought were tiny black moles popping up on my cheeks and around my eyes. As a beauty editor who is proudly obsessed with my skin-care.
  8. Consult either a surgical dermatologist or a oculoplastic surgeon, either of these physicians should be well versed in removing moles like this easily. Helpful 1 person found this helpful F. Victor Rueckl, MD Board Certified Dermatologist.
  9. Moles are small mammals adapted to a subterranean lifestyle (i.e., fossorial).They have cylindrical bodies, velvety fur, very small, inconspicuous ears and eyes, reduced hindlimbs, and short, powerful forelimbs with large paws adapted for digging. The term mole is especially and most properly used for "true moles" of the family Talpidae in the order Eulipotyphla, which are .

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